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By Appointment Only Deposits Required for all appointments No additional guests allowed A small private Solo Therapist Skin Clinic Specializing in treating acne & anti-aging Microcurrent facials. Our services includes: Acne Facials Acne chemical peels Microcurrent facials & treatment (lift, tighten, tone & heal the skin; yoga for the skin) Chemical peels; TCA, Jessners, Glycolic, blended, leave on peels, deep peels Microdermabrasion Oxygen Facials Microneedling (repair scars, deep lines & wrinkles) Hydrating facials Thermolo (remove skin tags, cholesterol deposits, cherry angiomas, dark spots) Filler facial (skin smoothing & plumping treatment) Brands: Circadia, Sculplla, PCA, Skinscript, SKN33, DermX peels, Image, M.A.D, Botanical RX

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Monday11 AM–5 PM
Tuesday11 AM–5 PM
Friday11 AM–5 PM
Saturday10 AM–2:30 PM


Skin Care Clinic
Acne Chemical Peels
Acne chemical peels includes our customized blended acne peels, Jessner’s, TCA, mandelic, Retinol, the overnight acne chemical peel, Dermafrost peel, Circadia peels, PCA peels, Image Skincare peels, M.A.D chemical peels, Dermaware peels, Skinprint, Vivant, or ACT-RX medical grade chemical peels.
From $150.00
Acne Clear
Acne Correction
Acne Facial Treatments
Acne Facials (extractions, peels, scar correction, acne spot removal, LED light therapy)
Acne treatment facials at Luxe Haven All acne facials are 60-80 minutes in duration All acne facials includes extractions The advanced acne facials includes Microcurrent, Microneedling, LED therapy, Oxygen, galvanic, high frequency, radio frequency, chemical peels or overnight peels.
From $95.00
Acne Peels
Acne Program
Acne Scar Correction with Microneedling
Correct acne scars with CIT Microneedling combined with collagen, stem cells and healing serums. A series of these Microneedling acne scar treatments are recommended for old scars, deep rolling pock marks, and large pores. Some downtime is required. Not suitable if currently on Accutane.
From $175.00
Acne Scar Revision
Acne Treatment Series
The acne series includes multiple bi-weekly or monthly visits with advanced and progressive acne treatments that range from facials, chemical peels, and acne scar revision.A full consultation is provided upon the initial treatment and a plan will be recommended to get you your best outcome.
From $100.00
Advanced Acne facial with extractions
The advanced acne facial includes extractions + LED, Microcurrent or Oxygen. This acne treatment is perfect for blackheads and skin congestion and mild active acne to help quickly reduce breakouts and give the skin a healthier and smoother appearance.
From $135.00
Advanced Anti-aging Facials
The advanced anti-aging facials are less invasive than a medical spa and more results driven than a day spa. The advanced anti-aging facial treatments includes Microcurrent ( an advanced face tightening, lifting and smoothing) treatment that uses a low level electrical current to stimulate collagen.
From $95.00
Advanced Facial Treatments
Age Management Facials
Age Reversal
Anti-aging Chemical Peels
Age correction chemical peels will reduce the appearance of deep lines & wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone and texture and enlarged pores. Results are cumulative and a series of chemical peels may be recommended for the best results. Not suitable for Accutane patients or pregnancy.
From $95.00
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are perfect to maintain healthy, clear, smooth and youthful skin. We offer a range of customized chemical peels for sensitive skin, age correction, acne, blemishes, dark spots, uneven skin tone & texture and dry skin. If pregnant, try our enzyme or beta peels.
From $95.00
Consultation + Facial
Perfect for new clients. NEED a professional skin coach with a plan? Start here! This is for those concerned with aging, age correction, acne, or those planning for perfect pre-wedding healthier skin. Includes: 20 Minute Consultation | Skin Analysis | Product Overview (please bring current skincare products) | In Clinic Treatment & Home care Plan |Home Care Kit
From $150.00
Consultation 20 minutes
A thorough skin consultation to discover what may be causing your skin issues. Get educated about your own skin and use these tools to help you maintain healthier skin going forward. Understand more about your products and get a treatment plan that will help you to achieve your skin goal.
From $25.00
Cupping Facial
Customized Acne Facial Treatments
The customized acne facial includes extractions, acne face mask, overnight healing acne serums and a deep pore cleansing to help improve breakouts. This service is also perfect for maintaining your clear skin results after the acne series treatment program.
From $125.00
Facials Extractions
Hydrating Facials
Image Skincare
LED Light Therapy
The LED light therapy is perfect to help quickly heal active acne, stimulate collage and elastin to smooth lines & wrinkles and to rejuvenate tired and sluggish skin. No downtime. Painless. & Results. Add on to any facial for maximum results.
From $20.00
Medicine Acne Treatments
Men’s Services
Our men’s services includes our Deep pore detox, Maintenance man, and Executive man facials. Facials includes; face tightening, neck & chin contouring, extractions, beard cleaning, face massage and deep pore steam enzyme treatment.
From $135.00
Microcurrent Facial
Lift. Tighten. Tone Non-Surgical facelift facial. This treatment is a great exercise for the muscles of the face. Releasing toxins, sculpting the skin, and adding energy to the muscles of the face. Results are cumulative and improvement can be noticed immediately. No downtime.
From $125.00
Microcurrent Facials
Microcurrent Non Surgical Facelift
Microcurrent Technology
Microneedling Treatment
Noticing uneven texture? Old mild acne scarring? Pigmentation? Our Microneedling CIT ( collagen induction therapy) is ideal for you. We will lighting penetrate the skin with a sterile, medical grade, hygienic, anti-backflow needles using our German motor micro needling device. Our treatment may utilize bone marrow for increase cell regeneration, healing & repair results along with pure grade Hyaluronic Acid. 3-5 day dry skin, light flaking, mild redness. 1 Hour – Minimal downtime – Clients notice results within 1 week.
From $250.00
Milia removal
Remove milia safely with little to no downtime and without leaving behind any scars. The Thermolo Pro is a special device that gently removes milia, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, cholesterol deposits & Xanthelasma Removal. This is not a laser so there is no chance to leave any burns on the skin.
From $50.00
Muscle Stimulation
Our Signature Facials
Pca Peels
Rezenerate Nano Facial
Sculplla Filler Facials
Sculplla Filler Facial Poly Lactic Acid Peel + Stem Cell mask for immediate reduction of deep wrinkles, age spots, loss of volume and elasticity. No downtime. Cumulative results. Stem Cell mist can be used along with our Microcurrent treatment to increase results by over 200%. Sculplla has the same ingredient Sculptra that is used in filler injections at the dermatologist office. 1 Hour
From $150.00
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment
Sebaceous hyperplasia is an overactive oil production skin condition that causes the skin to be excessively oily, bumpy textured and with enlarged pores. A customized treatment can greatly resolve and reduce the oil production and correct the skin texture. Chemical peels, Thermolo & home care.
From $125.00
Skin Products
Skincare Facials
The Face
The Oxygen Facial
This is the signature facial most requested by our acne clients. Oxygen heals acne 5x’s faster as it helps to rid the skin of the acne bacteria, removes toxins that causes premature signs of aging and it super hydrates the skin to prevent excessive oiliness. No downtime. Perfect for all skin types
From $100.00
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Address: 8515 Delmar Blvd Suite 202, St. Louis, MO 63124

Phone: (636) 238-0093


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Luxe Haven Aging & Acne Aesthetics is a solo run esthetician practice that offers advanced facials and skin treatments to correct acne and manage aging.


Lynn Friedrich
I absolutely love Regina! I have been a client for several years and I can not say enough good things about her and her company. Her recommendations, her charismatic personality, her courteous bedside manners, her product line, professionalism and so much more are top notch! I have had several products she had recommended to me and I love every single one of them. The oxygen facial is one of my favorites!!! If you haven’t tried it, you NEED to!!!! I will be forever a client!
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Stephanie C
I am in St. Louis for work and decided to go to Luxe Haven after reading great reviews. Regina provides great customer service and is passionate about her work. She is knowledgeable and informative. She thoroughly informed me of every product used on my skin and the reason for using them. My skin feel refreshed and hydrated. Thanks Regina!
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Verneda Davis
Regina is a gem! She’s professional, knowledgable, and has a delightful personality. Skincare treatment plans are personalized and my skin looks and feel rejuvenated after each visit. It’s great to find someone who cares about your skin!
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Camille Borders
WOW! I just had my first facial with Regina and I am so excited to continue my journey with her. I did the acne consultation and facial – it was well worth the price. Regina is so informative and knowledgeable. She provided me with helpful information that will change how I care for my skin. I was honestly a little nervous because I’ve never had a facial before but she talked me through everything with so much care and kindness. I am excited to return!
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Diane Tarr
After seeing Regina at Luxe Haven twice I have a visible difference in the overall appearance of my skin. My skin tone is even and bright. My skin texture is smoother. As an aesthetician, Regina is gentle and personable. I feel comfortable and relaxed while at Luxe Haven and so much love the results.
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Jennie Turton
I was blown away by the results of the microcurrent and cupping facial I received from Regina! My skin aged rapidly this past year from going through 3 failed pregnancies. In one session Regina took 5 years of my face! I left delighted, grateful and with renewed confidence. Thank you, Regina, for your kindness and pampering!
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KeKe Bell
I’ve been going to Regina for a few years off & on but for the last year I’ve been going consistently on a monthly basis. Along with the products she sells and my monthly chemical peels she has cleared up my acne, acne scars & blemishes. She definitely knows what she is doing. I always
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Harleigh Hardaway
Regina is very responsive!! That’s what drew me in before becoming her client. Not only that she’s very attentive, professional, and a good listener. My skin broke out during Covid and she was able to bring my skin back to life and lessen breakouts. It’s also the prayer for me! I was going through a personal problem and she prayed for me while completing my facial. Regina you are truly the
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Erin Morris
Regina is a true miracle worker with her facials, she’s both intuitive and experienced, and her products are amazing. I highly recommend her Vitamin K Cream, it ERASED all my redness and texture issues. I had no idea a product could make such drastic difference in such a short time. My skin has never felt so healthy and luxurious. I’m a customer for life!
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Dovile Zavistauskaite
I absolutely love Regina! She is very knowledgeable, professional, explains everything and knows exactly what she’s doing. I have been going to see her for over 8 months now and have noticed huge improvement in my skin. She is very straight forward with you about her recommendations for treatment necessary to achieve best results. Highly recommended!!
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