Foot Relief

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Foot Relief 94560

Located In: Westlake Lido Faire Shopping Center


Friday10 AM–10 PM
Saturday10 AM–10 PM
Sunday10 AM–10 PM
Monday10 AM–10 PM
Tuesday10 AM–10 PM
Wednesday10 AM–10 PM
Thursday10 AM–10 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 6180 Jarvis Ave X, Newark, CA 94560

Phone: (510) 818-9828


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Kenneth Tan
This place was amazing. One hour body massage for $45. Buy 10 get one free prepay card available. Massage was excellent and it includes hot stone placement AND rub. Must stop. Highly recommend.
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David Dicus
Very excellent price with Nana, very helpful and if you use Google Translate with her it’s easy to help her accomplish the massage you like! Book now!!
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jatinder hothi
Hi I’m updating my review today. This massage Sentor is true massage place. Tony is good person. I’m using this Sentor last 20 years thanks
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M Harr
Male Glutes Gazer, kept opening door while massage was in process and gluteus was exposed, kept trying to force me to chose a male therapist for cupping, say’s he was the only one licensed to do cupping procedure.After refusing male therapist several times, finally a female therapist performed procedure but had to deal with a lot of cross talking and unprofessional atmosphere.The therapist was nice, but the door greeter seem to be inexperienced host. This place has potential only if it was managed properly.
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mariah jamil
Pricing scam- they will shamelessly ask you to pay $10 tip above the price you have paid for massage
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KenYetta Agregado
My masseuse was excellent! The wait times given by the person working the desk were WAY off. So much so that I almost left. And it was that way for many people that came in behind me. They also DID NOT change the towel you lay on or the one they put over you. I had to ask for new towels. Especially after hearing a lady hack up a lung as she got her massage. Unfortunately, I will not be returning.
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Shanna Zaires
Excelente massage, my husband and I went today to this place and thank God it was helpful, I totally recommend this please.
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Bay Walker
Whole body, 1 hour, $25 + generous tip = bargain!
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Maria Perez
First time back in over a year. People talking on phone and watching videos, masseuse scratching my head I kept motioning for her to stop, that was new then laughing at me with other masseuse and then spraying me with disinfectant after was not the best visit. Used to go in the past and was more professional and friendly.
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Kenneth Li
45$ for 1 hour massage. much better than those chiropractor you went to after car accident. the guy at the counter asked if i prefer male or female massager, that’s nice cus I prefer a female. anyone know any massage place that accept health insurance?
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