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Address: 5033 W Capitol Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53216

Phone: (414) 444-8544


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Denisha Cox
Great service very reasonable Nail designs, French manicures
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Jerlene Henderson
I walked in on Tuesday to get a fill and the lady told me to set down. After removing the old polish and filing my nails she said to go wash my hands. I came back and she already had picked out my polish so I liked it. On the 3rd day after I left the paint was peeling off. I went back and she was so rude. She fixed only one nail and that was it. I will never go there again. Very unprofessional.
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Marlena Morris
I had a decent experience even though at first I thought I was going to have to cuss the lady out because she wasn’t listening to what I was saying because she was doing something on her phone in a drawer next to her I have natural nails with an overlay on them and they are also special cut and she cut the first nail so short I had to get them shorter than I originally wanted but still it’s cool cause they grow fast next time I go I’m going to let Kim do my nails. I will give her review in about three weeks. She said she can do nail form on my three extra short nails that I broke at work cleaning up. I hope so. Time will tell.
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Marian Hackworth
I went there about 4 days ago. Yesterday all the nails start popping off. They did not break. They popped off in perfect condition. When I say the whole nail popped of even the acrylic came off without hesitation. I already was not happy with the way the came out but for them to pop off they way they did is not acceptable. I have been getting my nails done for almost 15 years and have never seen the acrylic pop off they way they had after 4 days. I call the nail salon. The woman they put on the phone told me if it was 2 or 3 days they would have fixed them but 4 days is over the limit!!! Then she hung up on me while I’m asking how it’s possible for them to pop off like that. The whole hand!!! That’s impossible. Then she wouldn’t get back on the phone with me. If it weren’t for the fact that I couldnt make it to my normal salon I would have never stopped there. So now I have to pay to get my nails done over before my friends wedding today. That is insane. If you ever think of stopping there please please keep going. Never let anyone in that salon touch your nails feet or eyelashes!!
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Fal T
Kim sucks at doing nails!! She rushes through them. I tipped her 2 dollars, because I’m a nice person. This lady TOOK an extra dollar!! I currently have to get my nails done over by a better salon. Extra money out of my pocket!!
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Laneikwa Patterson
Will be finding a new shop after today. My sister and I have been coming here for the past two months and every time they treat you with no respect. We walked in today after work to stares and glares like no one wanted to do our nails. Talking mess and calling people out they name, over charging as well. $30 for my natural nails painted over. Nails never last long. Both my sister and I are good well mannered paying customers that tip. Never again. I would give them no stars.
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Kat Cone
On Friday I took my daughter in to have her nails done at capital nails. I came in also they have mine done. They did my daughter’s nails with gel polish within 3 days 3 nails completely came off and we’re not going back. When I call to complain about it she said just come in just a min don’t scare me don’t scare me! I don’t do business with companies that don’t do a proper job. It should not be doing nails. Stay away from this one!
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Rebecca Redlin
I always get quality service and never have to wait long
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Amazon Pisces
This place is ghetto, dirty, and unprofessional!!! They had a special for pedicures. When you walk in no one greets you. There is no sign in sheet. People get mad and leave when they feel like they were skipped over. The people doing the pedicures are untrained with no skills. They can’t even polish correctly. It’s not even worth the discounted price. I don’t see how they are still in business. They need to be shut down!! If you have an ounce of class please we stay away from this place!!!!!!
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Melania Simone
I was in the front of the building , and the workers would not open the door. So the people that worked there just look at me. So the never opened the door , and they never told me that they where closed. The lady that got her nails done had to get up and tell me that they where closed. Do not go here the have horrible service , and don’t waste your time.
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