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Venus Nail & Spa is the premier destination for nail services in the heart of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Getting your nails done should be an indulgence and Venus Nail & Spa understands this. Our goal is to pamper all the ladies of Fredericksburg, Virginia with unique manicures and pedicures that will leave your nails looking elegant and makes you feel rejuvenated. From the minute you step in our salon to the minute you step out, you’ll be provided with excellent service and comfort in a relaxing environment. Since our opening, we’ve become a perfect destination for those seeking peace and charm. To many, we are a social gathering lounge for friends to share their weekly events, and others to come and make beauty for their best moments.

Venus Nail Spa Fredericksburg 22407

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Address: 9737 Patriot Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Phone: (540) 710-0118


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Crystal Quarles
I’m very disappointed with service today. The tech did not ask for the service I would like. She did my pedicure sat me up front for my manicure and just left me. The tech that did my dip manicure did them quickly without attention to detail. You can see the bubbles and uneven coat. I also had lotion applied while there was still dust all over my hands and then asked to have my hands washed. Needless to say I will not be back.
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T. J
I got a full set at another salon that was poor quality, so I decided to try Venus for my fill. Tom did an excellent job. I’m very happy with the whole experience. The staff was friendly, Tom did a thorough job shaping my nails, and I didn’t get any nicks or cuts. I will definitely be coming back.
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Staci Meredith
The reason I am giving one star is because of how dirty and low par this place is. For starters they don’t use fresh tools on your feet, if you don’t speak up they will use the same tools they used on the many people before you. When I asked for fresh tools they were mad. Then you pay such a high price and they don’t even put a soak in the tub, your feet is just sitting in warm water. No refreshments are offered either but they want to charge a crazy amount for below par services. Then the callus remover they use (the cheese grater looking tool) they don’t even sanitize it after they use it! They just throw it in the tub with the dirty warm water then put it back in their little kits. When we walked in a man doing manicures was sneezing and coughing and then held a tissue up to his nose and not once did he sanitize or wash his hands. I will not come back and I advise you not to waste your time. This place is disgusting.
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Lauren Amaya Cassetta
Today was my second time coming to Venus Nails. The first experience was fantastic, I had so many compliments on my nails and I told everyone where I went, I left a generous tip. I was super happy with my nails AND the way I was treated. Today was a totally different story. Everything was fine until the tech asked me what length I wanted my nails trimmed to. I said the same as the reference picture, maybe a little shorter. He replied “Same shape, too?” And I said yes thinking he meant same shape as the photo. Well apparently I was wrong. I noticed he was doing almond (the shape I had), not stiletto so I mentioned it and I even apologized for the misunderstanding and explained that I meant yes as in the same shape as the photo. He didn’t say anything but laid into my nails with vigor. I am bleeding from two and a third is sore. I know he saw me bleeding but ignored it (and my wincing in pain) until I said something. He never even apologized, or really said anything again until he told me to wash my hands. When I returned to the table he asked if I still wanted the design in the photo and I just wanted to leave so I said “No, just do all of them matte black” he said back to me “black with matte on top” and I said yes. He paints them and finished with a regular top coat, no where near matte but at this point, I wasn’t going to correct him so I just paid without tipping and left. I certainly hope none of my patients or friends that I referred here get treated like this
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Jasmin Stroman
This salon has def approved over the years. Back in 2013 , the nail salon was the most rude and disrespectful place I’ve ever been to. They had great mail techs but the manager was trash. Fast forward to 2021 I have them another try and they are my go to for a full set in Fredericksburg. I don’t like the way they do my eyebrows (they go too thin) but Alex is great! I always get compliments on my nails when he does them! Def recommend!
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Crystal Brown
I absolutely love my nails!!! I had my tips removed and my natural nails dipped in powder. They turned out so pretty and dainty. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. I will definitely be back. Dip powder
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Brianna Bloodsaw
I do like this place and the color selection is phenomenal. The only thing is that the last two visits have not been great. I make an appointment online and i ended waiting a bit. When I got my nails soaking my technician disappeared for a good 15-20 minutes. The girl that was a walk-in behind me, got sat down immediately and she was finished before my manicure was even started. At times it is like they are debating on helping you and get ready for nail musical seats. The first few times where great but these last few times made me question a lot of things. They have a good amount of black cliental and idk if it was just me.
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Lauren Simpson
Just left from getting a full set of acrylics and while I’ve had my nails done many times, this was my first time coming to Venus. I feel terribly that I didn’t catch my nail tech’s name but he did an amazing job and it was also the fastest service I’ve ever had, getting in and out in about 40 minutes (including colored french tips). Highly recommend!
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Nique Chanel
I came in today for a single nail repair. First, I had to wait an hour when I came in exactly when they opened at 9am. Second, the man with the glasses literally huffed and puffed the entire time he was fixing my nail. He was super impatient and made me feel like such an inconvenience for coming in to get literally one nail fixed. I used to love this place, but as the days pass they appear to be getting more and more unprofessional. Extremely disappointed with the level of service today!
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Aliyah Avery
I went in today for a pedi and a full set, the pedi was perfect but the full set was terrible…. I’m not the type to write bad reviews, but I shouldn’t have to constantly explain to a professional nail tech what I want and for him to get frustrated when I specifically show him the picture of the nails that I want. The shape was off, the layers were LUMPY and too thick for my liking and he drilled too close to the cuticle on my thumb to the point where it started to bleed but I didn’t notice until I left the shop. When I left that’s when I noticed how bad they were, I had to get them fixed at another shop the same day. Yeah I won’t be returning.
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