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Ideal Image is North America’s #1 aesthetics brand, making personal aesthetics and wellness more affordable, accessible, and effective than ever before. Ideal Image believes Confidence Changes Everything and its vision is to make personal aesthetics and wellness accessible for everyone, delivering real results for real people driven by medical experts.

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Address: 16447 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 115, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Lettie Ryan
As a nurse, I firmly believe in informed consent, which is the antithesis to what I experienced with my recent cool sculpting procedure. I was only given all the forms to go through AFTER I paid my deposit and scheduled. The forms told me that I was consenting to not being able to sue for malpractice, nor could I get a refund. I was also verbally told during my consultation that I would only need 8 rounds of treatment on my lower abdomen, to get there and be told by the tech that I really needed 24 covering my entire abdomen! I was also told verbally over my Zoom consultation that the procedure was only mildly uncomfortable with zero downtime. This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Thankfully I had the foresight to bring a driver, because I WAS NOT OKAY to drive myself home. The device caused severe burning and stinging and did eventually diminish after about 10-12 minutes, but AT NO TIME was I informed during my consultation that there would be a HORRIBLY PAINFUL 2 minute massage after the procedure. Prior to the massage the tech told me that some people feel like they are going to pass out during the massage and that the entire procedure in general may make you feel like you may pass out, so how exactly is this safe to exclude that information from someone who might be trying to drive themselves home?! The entire procedure was wildly misrepresented and I DID NOT receive proper informed consent. As I was leaving my appt., I was told that a nurse would be calling me the next day to check on me, and I never received any phone call from any nurse. I was also in so much pain the next day that I was pretty much home bound and having to medicate my pain. I was hoping to discuss this with the nurse when she called, but alas, no phone call! PROFOUNDLY DISAPPOINTED with my entire experience thus far.
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Stephanie Jax
The lady that did my consultation was very kind. But I feel like the cost of cool sculpting doesn’t match the amount of work that the provider is doing. And I don’t feel like the cost of the machine justifies me as a single person paying that much for its use when there’s high demand for the procedure BOTOX treatments, EmSculpt treatments
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Jaime C.
Everyone is so kind and helpful, also very professional. I like the results I’m seeing and will continue to make the 1.5 hour drive to Ideal Image for treatments to improve my body, skin and confidence. CoolSculpting treatments, Ultherapy
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Cecilio Neriz
Worst experience. Wasted over 3500 in services and no differences then they go and say to bad you can buy more treatments if you want. You might just need more. Don’t waste time or your money. So I don’t see any difference and they still want you to come back and do more services. CoolSculpting treatments
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Michele Leeming
Heather is exceptional. She explains each process fully and is very gentle and understanding. I look forward to each session I have with her and I cannot wait to see my results over time. Total Image offers all the services that I need. Ultherapy
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Michelle Machado
I never received the service and was not explained about the pain involved with UL therapy. I thought it was a natural option and pain free. (Like ultrasound) Nooo the day of the service I was described as it feels like a HOT sewing machine to the face!!! No thank you! I get Botox and filler so I know the saying “no pain no gain” but geesh I knew I could not go through this on the ul therapy . I am expecting a full credit as NO service was performed and the service was never described. It was $1500 for the neck area!
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Connie Turner
Not a very good experience with Ideal Image. The sales person was not honest and sold a service that was not offered. I found this out at my first Cool Sculpting appointment. The nurse was able to provide other options so decided to get Cool Sculpting on my abdomen instead of thighs/legs. She recommended 2 rounds of treatment for the results I was looking for.
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Stephanie Martin
Maria was fantastic! She helped me feel comfortable, with it being my first time with any type of laser treatment. I didn’t ever feel over exposed during the bikini sections. I never felt like I was in too much pain. I felt Maria was very concerned for my safety and comfort, which I truly appreciated. When I return for my additional visits, I plan on only requesting her.
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Itzamara Mata
This was my first time at the Scottsdale location and Shaleigh definitely left an impression on me. She was kind, efficient, and we had a great conversation! I recommend asking for her if you’re coming here. Very clean and welcoming establishment.
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Paige Sparks
I could not have had a worse experience at Ideal Image. I began by completing the online consultation via Zoom, where I was led to believe I was interacting with a medical professional. Oh, how wrong I was. His name was Edmund and he was nothing more than a salesman. Edmund asked me several questions and told me I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Based on the information he provided I agreed to have him run my credit and signed up for the 0% APR payment option through Ally. When I arrived at my appointment the next week I quickly realized what Edmund did was nothing more than a scam. The nurse immediately began to list attributes in my medical history that contraindicated being able to receive laser hair removal. I have a history of basal cell carcinoma, moles located in the area in which I was to receive the treatment, and I have red hair. Ultimately, I was not a candidate for laser hair removal. When I asked the nurse helping me at my appointment why I received VERY different information during the Zoom consultation all she had to say was, “well, I’m a registered nurse with a medical background and those individuals doing the Zooms are not.” I am now stuck dealing with Ally to cancel the loan I signed up for based on the initial information I was given. Which Ally said could take up to 6 weeks to figure out.
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