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Hair Extension Technician
Brazilian knots
Braidless sewing
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Address: 6 W Middle Ln, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (240) 663-9749


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Natalie Ramirez
Game changer!!! I got extensions for the first time ever, 2 years ago and I was lucky to be referred to Sideral Hair Extensions because my hair has never looked better. Not only has my hair grown from a bob cut down to below my shoulders but I’ve also been able to experiment with different lengths, textures and colors, without damage to my hair. There is no place like Sideral Hair Extensions, the best in the DMV!!
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amy d.
Great service for type 4 hair, they know how to handle textured hair well: Set up a last minute appointment for a press (type 4 hair). I was desperate and in a time crunch so I went with the first place that could take me before a photo shoot. I was expecting something just good enough to look decent in photos due to the time crunch, but I was blown away by the beauty of my hair. My hair was so straight that I was afraid it may be heat damaged (I never knew my hair could get that straight, it was feathered to the extreme). I take meticulous care of my hair and was really worried that I had made a mistake. But when I washed the press out 6 days later, my tiny curls, even my 4c edges, came back with the quickness. Highly recommend. Great service done very well. They take pride in their work, no matter the circumstances. In my experience, these ladies know what they are doing when it comes to textured hair and will not damage it.
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Naomi Tesfai
Christina and her team are miracle workers! I have been going to her for years but I recently got a Keratin treatment that transformed by hair in the best way possible. No more heat damage or high maintenance. Worth EVERY penny! Make sure you come here for amazing work.
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Katy Musse
Cris is amazing and so is the rest of the employees!! She’s very professional and I’ve never loved my hair more and I feel so confident in it aswell! I highly recommend checking them out!
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I had a horrific experience! After driving an hour to the salon, I left tearful and very disappointed. I requested Micro Brazilian knots. At time of booking, no consultation was recommended. I purchased the salon’s hair. Halfway through the installation, I was dissatisfied with the craftsmanship and asked for a removal. Despite dissatisfaction, the owner demanded that I pay for the entire service, $1800+. I attempted to negotiate a lower amount & was bullied into paying $1150. I would not recommend this service to women with thinning hair & edges. Their customer service needs improvement!!!
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Melynda Gant
By far the best experience I have ever experienced when getting my hair done. First, I was very nervous becuase after my first child, my hair has gotten so thin and breaks easily. Before doing anything I was able to have an in person consultation that gave me different options regarding what I wanted to get done. Throughout the process I was being told what was being done and being shown the whole process. Afterwards, I was given tips on how to maintain the knots. Overall if you are looking for extenstion, reguardless of your texture of hair I suggest you go here!! you will not be disappointed!
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Dominique Butters
Cris is what I call the Hair Whisperer! I went in with thin brittle/dry hair and came out with amazing shine and luster! I have been going to Sideral Hair for about a month and a half and can feel my hair getting stronger! Great staff and great service! I highly recommend Cris and her team! Thank you Cris!
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Karlyne Gaston
I absolutely LOVE everything experience that I have had with sideral hair extensions. I have tried the Brazilian knots before and absolutely loved them. I was able to style my hair however I wanted while letting my scalp breath. I will never go back to the traditional sew in. I also religiously get the keratin treatment. It gives my hair the strength and shine that it lacks. I am able to get right out of the shower put a little bit of oil and go. It has given me the ability to give my hair a heat break as well. Cris explained to me the entire process before I make any hair decision. I 100% trust my hair in her hands.
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Miss B
The experience here from start to finish wasn’t the best. No matter how much I tried the way “Cris” is she’s friendly in the beginning and ghosts you after a deposit or service provided. She will only text NEVER CALL YOU like normal people so. When you want to confirm appointment or availability she seems annoyed despite it was my first time ever booking with her. Then I got my friend to call since she ghosted me text, calls but not them. It was so weird since I never met her. Finally she answered me I still went trying to get my hair done before a trip. Pleasant at the house but after same nasty attitude. She’s really tired works out her basement SOLO so that explains it. I tried to book extensions maintenance since the hairs texture at 2 mos gets barbie doll texture. Mind you I purchase hair with her and you literally won’t get in until a month out if that for service and it was always a problem. You will walk out paying more then what you think. I paid slight over $1300 because she had to add hair. If it wasn’t for her attitude I would provide my own hair and maybe consider install. But she ruined the experience all the way around.
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Mindy Lo
I have been going to Chris for more a year now. When I first came to her, my hair was blonde, damaged and broken. This is when I learned about Brazilian knots ( which I had for about year) it helped my hair grow so thick and healthy. Since my hair has now grown so much, I switched to the brainless sew in , in my opinion is better for me. I go back every 2-3 months or so. I always purchase my hair the day of service from her and have been using the same hair for 3 installs now, perfectly fine! I recommended all my girlfriends to go to her, super friendly, super helpful and honest.
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