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Located In: Balcones Woods Shopping Center


Thursday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Monday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM–7:30 PM


Nail Salon
Acrylic nails
Gel manicures
Nail art
DIP Powder
Permanent make up
Solar Acrylic
Solar Powder
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Address: 5114 Balcones Woods Dr suite 309, Austin, TX 78759

Phone: (512) 524-6767



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Megan Montoya
BEST NAIL SALON IN AUSTIN HANDS DOWN!!! Not only are these the best nails I’ve ever gotten, staff is also friendly making sure you’re comfortable, and loving your nails throughout the process! Prices are actually reasonable unlike a lot of other nail salons. Found my new nail home  Nail art
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Darya Krutyeva
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, ValueI missed her name, but I went here on a Monday and the lady there did an amazing job!!! My favorite nail place now. Friendly and professional. I live in south Austin but one of my friends recommended this place and it’s 100% worth the drive.I had a bad experience at a different salon so it has been a while since I’ve had my nails done but I’m obsessed now I missed her name, but I went here on a Monday and the lady there did an amazing job!!! My favorite nail place now. Friendly and professional. I live in south Austin but one of my friends recommended this place and it’s 100% worth the …More
I missed her name, but I went here on a Monday and the lady there did an amazing job!!! My favorite nail place now. Friendly and professional. I live in south Austin but one of my friends recommended this place and it’s 100% worth the drive.
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jaslynn kinchion
Susan did my nails and she was so nice and everyone was super helpful, will definitely be coming back they were awesome . They were also super fast it was amazing.
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Nik J.
I use to love this place last year Hoan is great…not sure what changed but he was busy so Susan did my nails and that was a huge mistake..she did a full set and if you refer to the pictures they look awful….my nails were lifting…she cut them all differently… the shape was terrible…I spent so much money that night for nothing(I also bought along my gf for a set)..I reached out by text the following day to Hoan and received no response…I thought that was highly disrespectful and disappointing since I built a rapport with him..I do not recommend this salon…customer service comes first and Susan is extremely rude.. and no one responds to rectify the issues…
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Mj Williams
The only welcoming person was the guy doing nails. When I was getting my nails done, the lady had caused one of my nails to tilt and anytime I spoke out kindly they were bothered. I’m very picky but super respectful about how I like my nails! Unfortunately when I said I wanted it to look a little different there was always a bothered reaction. Very unprofessional. Then there was a pregnant lady who was so rude to me because I asked for a different color that would match better with my skin. She was probably the rudest one there. From the pictures I thought I would’ve gotten what I hoped for but I ended up walking out with a manicure that was lumpy and tilted. If you want anyone to do your nails there, ask for the guy.
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Amy Cone
Excellent service, kind and talented staff. They gave me exactly what I asked for, and I watched the owner help other customers find the perfect colors based on what they told her they were looking for. I got a dip powder base with a colored marble effect on top, and I love it. I have a beautiful unique painting on each of my nails, and I can’t stop looking at them. I will definitely be back.
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Ambreia Burks
RUDE RUDE RUDE… Pricing is good very good but service is UNRELIABLE. The lady is rude the dude has favorites he picks and chooses and then lies about it. I’m so over them. The girl did NOT do what I wanted. Which is why I wanted the dude. But like i said before he picks and chooses who to do. So whatever I’ll choose a better more reliable nail shop.
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Yessica A.
I just wanna start off by saying that my nail technician was extremely sweet and the owner we’re very nice. My rating is due to the fact that the actual experience there and the finished product or not what I expected. My appointment was at 10:30 and the service didn’t start until 11 as the owner came in a little late which is understandable. What I didn’t like was the fact that my service was basically all over the place. There was a lady that came in maybe five minutes after me who also had an appointment at 10:30 she had it with the owner and was taken care of immediately (she was an existing client) I was taking care of a little bit after the nail technician who is taking care of me got settled. I noticed a rather different experience from the lady next to me than mine as she was taking extremely good care of. her service look like it was not rushed or being pushed because other clients were coming in unlike myself. The nail technician that was doing my nails basically rush to do my acrylics in order to take care of the clients that came in after me and then she just sent me on to the pedicure table in order for her to keep doing other clients that kept coming in and coming in even though I had an appointment made.The pedicure was basically meh as the lady who is doing it didn’t really seem to want to do it but it’s OK I really just came in for a full set. After the pedicure I went back to the lady was doing my nails and she basically rush filed my nails they were all lumpy. Even after she put the topcoat of gel they were still lumpy and I have pictures to show. I also told the owner when I came in that I wanted gems on my nails and I told the nail tech as well what I wanted and where but she didn’t want to waste time adding gems to more fingers except for the two middle fingers she did. She kept telling me oh simpler is better just because she didn’t want to add more. I just didn’t want to push it and let her finish.
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Marisa Aleman
I love getting my nails done here. They do an outstanding job and never disappoint. Staff are friendly and professional. The spa is very nice and clean also. This salon can do lots of styles… you will be impressed!
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Maya M
Disappointed!! Awful service.. she is so disrespectful and ruined my nails and when I asked to fix it, she didn’t even looking at it…. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. Just wasting your money!!
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