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Address: 11791 W 112th St #100, Overland Park, KS 66210

Phone: (913) 214-6536

Website: http://www.kcnaturopathic.com/

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Kansas City Integrative Health focuses on individualized treatment to address the root cause of your condition and get you to vibrant health.

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Expertise in medical excellence and compassionate care to deliver the health results you deserve. 11791 W 112th St Ste 100, Overland Park, KS 66210.


2 reviews of Kansas City Integrative Health “Excellent Care. … I highly recommend them for your health care needs.” … Ste 100 Overland Park, KS 66210.

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Sarah Hauber
Several people in my life are now avid users of KCIH!
So no, it wasn’t within your ridiculous 48 hour window frame.
Andrew Baxter
She was very thorough and patient with me.
As an alternative medicine health care provider, there is some responsibility of treating holistically which includes being mindful of one’s role in a heavily corporatized medical system. This clinic is NOT a space that I would pursue if you are looking for a space that isn’t yet another money guzzling medical adventure.Before I even started my journey here, I had to cancel an appointment and called well in advance of my appointment time to reschedule. Especially during covid 19 times, if I’m not feeling okay, I will take extra precaution to not potentially infect your patients or staff. So no, it wasn’t within your ridiculous 48 hour window frame. But before I see anyone or get a taste of whether you guys are the real deal or not, I was charged 50 dollars.I politely paid and notified their staff that I would like to cancel and since I’m being punished for being cautious, I have no interest in pursuing anything with this space- SHE LAUGHED AT ME. Their receptionist laughed at me.So yeah. I’m obviously never going to take this place seriously and I hope all future patients take precaution especially since we are paying entirely out of pocket- is this space worth your money?
Mindy Ashby
I absolutely loved my first full appointment with Dr. Marisa Williams. I had a consult to explain what I was looking for and if she were able to help. I’ve had a lot of health issues and I explained that I am done with western medicine. After my consult, Dr. Williams was able to adjust her schedule to provide me a full appointment time within the next two weeks.Well, I’m writing this review after my 2 hour initial appointment. I was impressed with how engaged she was throughout my explaination of my health history and the adjustments that I have already made on my own. We then worked towards the next step. I am excited to work with Dr. Williams on a sustainable, non-western approach to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I highly recommend Dr. Williams to anyone who is ready to make the switch from western treatment.
h s
I saw Dr.Rues 2x after being fed up with my Pcp. In my experience Dr.Rues MIGHT be smart and know her stuff, but her bedside manner needs improvement, to me she came across as dismissive of my concerns, especially my hair. I found a better practitioner in the gladstone, that listens and helps instead of telling me my concerns are unwarranted. Pts know their body we are not crazy.
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