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Thursday9AM–12PM, 1:30–5PM
Monday9AM–12PM, 1:30–5PM
Tuesday9AM–12PM, 1:30–5PM
Wednesday9AM–12PM, 1:30–5PM

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Address: 63 Pleasant Hill Rd, Blairsville, GA 30512

Phone: (706) 745-2229

Website: http://highmtnhealth.com/

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Review Summary

Heather White
They’ve diagnosed as a heart attack.
rich 2360
Wonderful people, wonderful place.
Jessica Dyer
Always very professional and they always make my children feel comfortable.
Stonehenge Senior Living
PA. Tiffany and MD Michele Bradford are wonderful. They truly listen to your concerns and are always searching for better ways to help with your medical issues. Kelly is also wonderful in relaying messages and prescription needs to them. The whole staff, checking in, labs, checking out, are very courteous and eager to help. I couldn’t recommend them higher!!
Kathy Taylor
I have used high mountain health for 18 years. Everyone is caring and professional. Dr Bradford is wonderful always listens to my needs and takes very good care and her staff are also the greatest. I think they are way above average when it come to medical needs. I highly recommend them.
Heather White
It’s easy to have 5-star reviews when you hide all 1-star reviews. What a way to promote your incompetence and draw even more questions about your service. YOU CAN DELETE MY REVIEWS AS NABY TIMES AS YOU WANT AND I WILL CREATE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT AND POST IT AGAIN EVERY TIME! THATS REALLY SHEISTY BEHAVIOR FOR A MEDICAL OFFICE!! You would think that a healthcare facility that has female doctors on staff, would be more responsive to concerns of female patients. My mother was seen Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and her chief concerns were chest and back pain that had lasted for a couple of weeks. My mother told them she was afraid it was heart related, as we have a long family history of heart disease(her father died of a heart attack at the age of 42, her uncle died at 38 of a heart attack as well). This facility was aware of this history. Without running ANY test at all on her, the DR. She saw told her that her symptoms were not cardiac related. Today, the evening of October 16, 2021, my mother is being FLOWN, not taken by car or even by ambulance, FLOWN IN A HELICOPTER to Northeast Ga Medical center after visiting UGH ER, so that competent medical professionals can assess her after having what they’ve diagnosed as a heart attack. If you want a medical practice that brushes off your symptoms, by all means, try your luck here. If you actually care if you live or die, avoid this “healthcare” facility at all cost and just go on to Gainesville or even any other practice in this county, where the educated Drs are employed. I would expect this lack of concern from male Drs, and even then, it’s plenty unacceptable, but being a female dominated practice, you all should be ashamed! Do better and advocate for ALL of your patients and maybe not be so passive! AND IF YOU ARE AT A POINT IN YOUR CAREER THAT YOU ARE SO JADED AND TOO CALLOUSED TO HEAR YOUR PATIENTS, GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS PROFESSION!!!UPDATE: my mom is on a machine to regulate her BP until they can get set up for emergency surgery. A SIMPLE ROUTINE BLOOD TEST WOULD HAVE CAUGHT THIS BUT INSTEAD SHE WAS TOLD “nothing is wrong” AND GIVEN MEDICATION FOR VERTIGO! Incompetent and negligent F-NP Fowler is!
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