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Address: 1679 E Noble Ave, Visalia, CA 93292

Phone: (559) 739-8650

Website: http://happinessnailsvisalia.com/

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Deztiny christina White
Expensive. Me and my 10 year old went in to get our nails done. Was $100 even. Very steep for basic set… Not exactly perfectly done either but there okay. I just feel like they should have been top notch and fancy for the price
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Violet Ray
I walked in with no appointment, was greeted, was told someone will be checking me in shortly, and after 5mins, a man came up and asked what services I needed, and told me it would be a short wait. I was shocked Because it was a full house in their that Saturday morning and their phones were off the hook.
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Jill Hoffman
Having just relocated to this area, I was looking for a salon close to my new home. I brought my daughter – her service was a full set, mine a pedicure and a fill of my prior set. For my pedicure, I selected the “spa pedicure,” which, according to their own signage, includes a 10 minute foot massage and costs $37.00. Ten SECONDS is more like it and I was later charged $50.00 after being told I would only be charged $40.00 because he didn’t have time for the full 10 minute massage (it was not even busy and half the staff was eating or smoking while we were there). Tub water was cold and my repeated requests for it to be warmed were completely ignored. My daughter’s tech kept yelling across the shop if what she was doing was okay for my daughter. My daughter is not five – she is twenty-four and perfectly capable of communicating her own desires for her nail service. She loudly told my daughter she was “being a baby” multiple times and made her feel very uncomfortable. My nail tech reeked of cigarette smoke and completely ignored my requests to slow down with the burning nail file from hell when my nails felt like they were on fire. He kept looking up and looking at his phone while he was filing away at my nails, so he kept missing my nail and scraping the skin on my fingers. Horrible technique and zero attention to detail. My nails look like they were done by someone who is just learning. For the prices we were charged, my nails are gritty, lumpy and horribly uneven. They are so embarrassing that I can’t bear to post a photo here. End of visit and time to pay – the staff member at the terminal took my card and charged $xxxxx.00 and thanked us for coming in. Then, he started screaming at me that he forgot to charge me for something and demanded that I give him back my card. I asked for an explanation. Another female technician left her post and came running up to the front counter asking “what happened.” I explained that he intended to charge my card again for the different amount because he forgot to charge me for something. Up to this point, I had absolutely no problem with anything that either of them were saying. I began to point out that if he charged a different amount, then the charge might not go through because he had already charged the first amount and there was only so much available in that account at the time. Female tech TOLD ME TO SHUT UP and said she would refund me the first amount and charge the correct amount. I again expressed my concern that a “refund” would not be instantly credited to my card and the authorization hold created by the first charge had tied up those funds, thus a second charge in a higher dollar amount might not be authorized. AGAIN, I was told to be quiet and stop talking and let the gentleman speak. I lowered my voice and told her that I did not feel it was appropriate for her to speak to me in such a manner when I was simply communicating my concern about how my debit card was being used. I was then handed two separate receipts (their little notepad slips that show how much services cost) and I pointed out that the dollar amount for my pedicure was incorrect. I also pointed out that I did not receive my ten minute foot massage, so I should not be charged for the spa pedicure, but rather the basic pedicure, which does not include this service. This woman then held her hand up toward my face and again told me to be quiet and let her talk. I told her I felt the solution was for me to charge the difference on another card. She yelled that she had already refunded me and was going to charge the full amount again. I informed her that I was not authorizing her to charge the full amount because they could not produce a receipt (their card terminal is NOT VISIBLE from the customer side of the front counter so you cannot actually see what they are doing with your card). She then produced two separate charge receipts and demanded that “you now write on tip!” to which I politely declined and informed them that I would be disputing the charges with my bank.
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Rebecca Serrano
I’ve been a regular for a few months now, getting the same pink & white full set & matching pedicures, but I was overcharged $20 today, I hope it was worth it for them to lose a regular customer. Acrylic nails, Pedicure
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Kelly Padilla
Positive: ProfessionalismGreat service every time and workers are happy to help with all your needs! Victoria never disappoints and always does an amazing job!
Great service every time and workers are happy to help with all your needs! Victoria never disappoints and always does an amazing job!
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Carina Ambriz
Horrible experience first time at this location the pedicure lady was super rude made no real effort on my gel pedicure. My husband and daughter also came along. His feet look the same as when he went in. The lady tried to charge me 60 for my 7 year olds mani and pedi which is outrageous. Total bill was 175 here I am a day later with my gel pedicure lifted and has tons of bubbles. Extremely disappointed do not recommend at all..
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Monique Toledo
One Of The Nail Tech, “A Lady” Was Very Rude And Told Me To Find Another Nail Shop Because I Asked Her To Clip My Toes Nails Better. I Asked For Her And This Gentleman To Switch. Then The Nail Tech “Chris” Took Over And Was Very Professional. He Did A Amazing, I Would Recommend Him Or His Wife, Sorry I Forgot Her Name.
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Erica Contreras
I fell in love with this place… after beeing a loyal customer eslse were i came to fix a vroken nail and just loved the awsome customer service. They have great prices.
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LN Wilke
Was not happy with their service today
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I always ask for Kathy she is very attentive and does what you request hard to find someone that does a good pedi this time I had Helen she was just as good
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