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Drugstore chain selling a variety of beauty & health products, plus some grocery & household items.

Service Options:  In-store shopping · Delivery

Health and Safety:  Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · Safety dividers at checkout · 



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Address: 208 Hwy 515 W E, Blairsville, GA 30512

Phone: (706) 745-9601


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Review Summary

Jim Berger
Extremely rude experience from the pharmacist and the pharmacy cashier today.
Dayna Johnson
I will go home and scratch all night – thank you very much CVS!
Sarah Stanley
A wonderful CVS in a small community that always makes you feel welcome.
Kolby Schrichte
Valerie is a terrible lead pharmacist. She would not fill a prescription of mine because I had it filled on a certain day and the following month she said that it had to be on the same number day. On a 30-day prescription she was not allowing me to get it until 31 days later. In the state of Georgia she is to give a 28-day grace period. It’s up to her whether to allow the 28-day grace period or to hold it for 30 days or in her case 31 days lol. Judgmental to say the least she will look at your prescription and if it is a certain medication she will look at you as a bad person and I would never recommend to going to this place.. unless you don’t mind paying top dollar for medication if you’re coming out of pocket and if you don’t mind being on hold for 20 minutes. It must be nice to not have a whole lot of competition hopefully CVS will find a new lead pharmacist soon I think her time is up it’s 2021 not 1979.either one star or five star reviews and the five star reviews are very short write ups and I think they are giving them five stars because of all the one-star reviews. The five star reviews are very short just saying how happy they are to be a part of CVS’s stranglehold on the city.
Richard Studley
I have experienced all of your do not care attitudes, waiting in lines for over 1 hour for my prescription which was called in 24 hours prior and not being ready. The prescriptions being 1/2 filled come back in a few days. This place was a very upsetting , angry and unpleasant situation that no one should ever have to put up with. I had all my prescriptions transferred to Brasstown Pharmacy 5 years ago, which was the best thing I could have done. I can go to the doctor in the afternoon and it’s sent in and I can pick it up 15 minutes later. Also, my scripts were about 15 to 20% less. DO YOU SELF A FAVOR, DUMP CVS!!
Beedee Soskin
Valerie at the CVS pharmacy in Blairsville, GA is the nicest and most helpful person ever in a pharmacy. She is so patient, kind & knowledgeable! Highly recommend CVS for your. Pharmacy needs.
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